Saturday, October 27, 2007

Much needed Time away

This week Will and I took off and went to San Fransisco with Eli. It was great. We only went for 2 nights - and we stayed at the YWAM base. Some of you know what the YWAM base is like and wouldn't neccessarily call it a place for vacation - but it was great. Interesting in that the only room they had had bunkbeds - so Will and I slept on two bottom bunks! But it was fun. We went to our favorite Indian resturaunt - Nann-N-Curry - YUM! And then on Wednesday we went to Alcatraz. We've never been there and it was really interesting with beautiful views and interesting history. There was a special tour we took about the myths of Alcatraz and we were able to go into some restricted places. Pretty cool - there are tunnels if you were wondering, but the ones in the movie The Rock are hollywood! We spent the afternoon out there and then made our way back to the base for some rest before dinner. My feet were killing! San Fran means LOTS of walking - but it made up for not going to the gym all week.

We went to the Cheescake Factory for dinner - it was really nice. We were way too full for cheesecake though so that was disappointing! We ended up at Cold Stone later after walking around, but I do love ice cream! We also walked around a lot of the big stores, it was fun looking around and seeing what the city has to offer.

Thursday we went to China town - I've never been before and so it was fun to see. All the stores have the same chinese stuff though - so it gets old kinda fast. We went to get a silk little boy outfit for a family on staff, so we were looking for something in particular and all the sales ladies are very persisent!!! We only spent about an hour there - but it was nice. Eli slept the whole time so it made it easier.

On our way home we went to my Favorite store - IKEA!!! I was super excited. We were able to find some great deals and get some more lighting for our dark little house. I can't wait to set everything up - I think it will make the house more homey!

Anyway - it was a great time way. Thanks to everyone who gave to us to make that time possible!

Then - yesterday was our staff fun day. Every October we go to a pumpkin farm - Avila Valley Barn- and enjoy the fall colors and activities. They have a hay maze (large and small for kids and adults), lots of farm animals - Eli LOVES chickens!, and a hay ride which we skipped this year. They also have a market with baked goods and fresh fruits and veggies - and a gift shop - oh! And Sweet Shoppe which is so yummy - they have locally made ice cream in all the best flavors. We took Eli in his cow costume and got some great shots. Then we switched clothes just to have some family pictures - it was a great day. I love this time of year.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Side Spliting Laughter

This weekend was our church's ladies reatreat. We went up into the hills above Santa Cruz to this camp for the weekend. Seriously - I haven't laughed so much or so hard in a long time! It was such a blast! We had 8 girls in our cabin - we were prety much the young loud cabin! I missed Eli and Will, but it was so fun not to have responsiblity and be able to do whatever I wanted! We got there Friday and enjoyed our evening with all the ladies - worshiping and getting some great
teaching. After that we played Dutch Blitz with 8 of us! (Two decks!) It was super funl They were smart and had loud room (late night talkers) and quiet rooms, but unfortunately, the walls were thin so no matter how they situated it, we were loud above the quiet ones. The ladies below us were wondering what in the world we were doing with all the loud stamping on the floors, the laughter, and name calling! :) My friend Liz had some creative names she came up with when we were faster than her! Oh man - it was so funny.

Saturday we had the afternoon free and they had a ropes course that ended in a 265 Ft. zip line! We went and had a challenging good time! I've done that a couple times before, but I still freaked out on one part of the course - starting tearing and almost bawling my eyes out! (Will has made fun of me several times over now!) But I think it was a spiritual thing. It was about trust and letting go and God was really working in paralells for me! As soon as I took that first step out onto the log away from the tree I was fine the rest of the time, but man it took about 5 minuates to take that step! The zip line was great! I screamed so loud, but it was so fun! I think I have a bruise from the attracktive harness you wear while up there! I also learned to clog dance! Our theme was celtic christianity and one of the ladies at my church clogs and taught us a brief dance - it was my cardio for the day - let me tell you! I learned that clog is a irish word for time, so clogging is just keeping time with the music - some very fast music! But I'm glad I learned - it was super fun and another time of good laughter!

The camp also had this huge slide - it was a water slide without water that you go down on burlap sacks! I keep saying fun - but I can't think of another word - it was SUPER Fun!!! We broke the rules (opps!), and went down in a train, it was crazy - and fun!

Anyway - we also made up this game called bockey. It's hockey with balloons. I seriously think I bruised my ribs laughing so hard. The video below is of me and Bethany playing against each other. At one point she is trying to hit the ballon from between my legs and keeps hitting my butt - this is when I collapse on the floor laughing and Bethany wins! Oh well, it was seriously the funnest game ever - too bad our balloon stick popped before we could get the most enjoyment from it! :)

Anyway - a good weekend overall - with fun and girlfriends and God speaking so much and doing so much in us all. I'm very thankful that I was able to go - and VERY thankful for my wonderful man to stay home with Eli for 2 nights and let me get away!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Here's some pictures of our joy - Eli. These are from the 1st of September. Will bought him the camo cap at old navy - it's super cute!

The memorial service was today for our friend Zac. It was really beautiful. A celebration of the life that he lived. He made a serious impact on a lot of people, and inspite of the sorrow we feel at the loss, there is a definate sense of fullness - he did a lot with the 28 years he had. He touched so many, and I know that everyone around him is left with many happy and meaningful memories.

There were a lot of babies at the service too. There is something sweet about new life being around during times of loss. It really helps put things into place. For every season you know? A time to live and a time to die.

I'm just very thankful this evening. I'm thankful for my family, for my husband, for my son. I'm thankful for life, for the time we are given and for the things God allows us to do. We are blessed. And to think that this is not the end, death is not the end for us and how beautiful is that!

Being with Jesus for eternity is what we have to look forward to. And that is a whole other blog.

Monday, September 17, 2007


A distant friend's husband died on Friday. Death really puts things into perspective. All I could think was that she could be me. Zac was only 28. 28. It was a motorcycle accedent, really a tragidy.

We took Holen with us to Mississippi two years ago. That's when we became friends. Of course, over the last 2 years we haven't really hung out much - life gets busy, and we live on opposite sides of the county - it's sad really. But we would see them every so often at church or game night, and we did super bowl together a few years back. But I really like her. She's quirky, and I like that a lot. Her and Zac had been married 2 years then - they were learning communication stuff (a life long lesson) - we had some really good talks. She is a really hard worker - but she's quiet and I think was taking awhile to adjust to moving to the central coast.

Zac was from here. He went to high school with me - a year or two older. I didn't really know him well, but my friends did. I remember when I was pregnant - he was so funny about it! We saw them at church and he was going on and on about how he couldn't believe there was another human growing inside me - he loved to hear about how wierd it was. It's a really fond memory.

So 2 years ago Holen and I were in Mississippi - and now she is a widow. And it makes me think... What if I'm a widow in 2 years? It could happen. We're all the same, we all break the same, we all breath the same, we're all dust... It makes me see how important today is. We always hear that right - it's in the Bible. Don't worry about tomorrow, today has enough trouble, don't plan for tomorrow, you don't know if you have one... But I get it this weekend. I see how close death really is. We really don't know what tomorrow holds. Holen didn't know that those were their last moments - their last dinner, their last kiss.

The sad part of my revalation, is that I know it's temporary. I will live in this aware state for a little while - but it will fade. I will all too easily slip back into my complacent life, not thinking about making the most of every oportunity because it may be my last chance. My last chance to do it, or my last chance with someone else. But it's a good temporary revelation - I'm trying to make it a lifestyle while I can so it will last.

As for Holen, I haven't talked to her yet. I tried calling, but I had to leave a message. My heart is breaking for her though - everytime I think of her, I think that it could be me, and it hits close to home. I ache for her, I can only imagine what it is like to actually walk through - I pray I won't have to. I pray for her all day long - for peace, for comfort, for people to surround her and lift her up. For the strength to take it one day at a time. Death is so hard for those of us left behind - even when we know they left to be with the Lord, we are still left with emptiness and knowing we won't see them on this earth again, and that is really hard and really sad. I can't help but cry everytime I think about her - about Zac's family.

Death really sucks.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Books are like Friends

It's sad when their over - it's like saying good bye.

I finished the last Harry Potter book tonight - for those of you who haven't read it (and are planning to) I will not reveal a thing. But when a series finishes that has been a long standing thing in your life, it leaves kindof an emptiness when it's over. I feel very content with the way things wrapped up, but I do have a sense of loss (don't laugh) that there is no more looking in on Harry's life and interactions with all the other characters that have become like friends in my imaginary book life. It's sad to think it's over - no more looking forward to more books coming out and more adventures of Harry Potter.

Silly, you may think, but so true to my heart. I'm tempted to read it again, not only to catch the things I missed as I sped read through the exciting parts to find out what happens, but to enjoy these last moments of Harry Potter (the book - not neccessarily the character) one more time.

So, farewell Harry, Ron, and Hermonie - until we meet again next year when I start to read the series over from the start.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Too Tired

I've been walking everyday.
I'm trying to be in the Word everyday, but not quite making it everyday.
I feel I'm eating slightly healthier.
I'm getting Eli on a schedule.

Felt Defeats: (I know I'm not defeated, just feel that way)
I haven't slept more than 3 hours at a time in 8 1/2 months.

Sleep Training. I walked to the Library this weekend and checked out 5 books and a video about infant sleeping and how to get your baby to sleep through the night and not need you to fall back asleep when they do wake up. I've read about crying it out, the quick check method (another cry it out solution) and now I'm reading the No Cry Sleep Solution. I like this one the most. We are moving in 6 weeks though, so I don't want to really start anything before we move, and Eli is teething with his 2nd tooth and so it's not a good time anyway. So i'm trying to prepare - getting into good habits. Set nap times, and bedtimes, bed routine, meal times, etc - trying to get his body's clock in line with ours... pray it goes well!

I'm tired, of course, so I gotta go.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Worthy of posting

My friend Jeremy emailed this out after one of our YWAM intercession times last week. I think it's definately thought provoking and no matter your political stance, worthy to read and contemplate. Here's to Jeremy..

Dear Friends and Family

This is really random, but I felt like I needed to share a perspective I got from our YWAM Interecession time this week. Every week our YWAM staff pause on Wednesdays and spend time praying for each other, our local community, the nations, or various issues from around the world. It is the Intercession Facilitator's role to pray during the week, hear from the Lord about what to pray for, and then lead our staff in our prayer time. Cody leads our Intercession time right now (actually it is "Worship, Intercession, and Spiritual Warfare" time) and he led us in a time of praying for President Bush.

Now first let me say, that we don't usually pray for political issues at our base. I mean, we usually pray for staff issues or for the Central Coast or for the nations to come to know Jesus. These are the things at the front of our minds and ministry. So, when Cody said "President Bush", it threw me off a bit, to be honest. But, knowing that the Bible tells us to pray for and submit to those in "authority" over us, I decided it was most likely God's leading.:)

But, I didn't expect what came next. The picture I got in my mind was some of the humerous items for sale at Urban Outfitters and other novelty stores that like to poke fun at Mr. Bush. The picture was me walking up to novelty items and looking down at them, expecting to see a funny picture of Bush with devil horns or a ridiculous hand-puppet of Bush with a silly expression on his face and mixed up words coming out of his mouth, mocking some speech he had mixed up in the past.

But, what I saw instead, in my mind, and to my surprise, was a picture of my dad... and yours. It was like I was watching the face change to a bunch of dads I know and to people that I respected. The devil horns were still there and puppet was still there, just the face changed. And it made me sad to see the dads and loved ones we respect being mocked.

Then it came... conviction. I knew what God was trying to tell me... or part of what He was trying to tell me. President Bush is a person. He is a dad and a husband and a son. He is a child of God. What if it was my dad, or yours, that was being mocked and slandered online and at the stores and on TV? What if others thought it was funny to find your dad tripping over his words and then making a clever spoof with digital technology and passing it on to the world? The thought nearly brought me to tears when I let it sink in.

Many of us are outraged at the thought of "redemptive violence" being used and justified by our government in the concept of "war on terrorism". BUT... then we intentionally degrade a fellow human being's identity and character. We try to "make a point" by destroying a person's reputation with jeering insults and "mockumentaries", or join in with others as THEY do it. It like a mob mentality, but instead of taking a life, we kill the soul of another and explain it away as "keeping them accountable"... or by explaining how lives are being taken overseas. But, we are willingly ruining a life here. I've heard it said that anytime we hurt a fellow human being, we loose a little bit of our humaness.

Then I got to thinking about what the role of the Church and those that follow Jesus IS in relation to Mr. Bush. Should we be those that criticize and jump on the bandwagon of the mockers and media? Should we be those that blindly believe everything that we're fed from the administration and "just submit" to and agree with whatever our authorities tell us to believe? It seems that there are two major camps out there: those that harshly criticize and mock our President and then the other side that blindly excepts all that he does. It's hard to know what to do.

So, I try to keep it simple. I think that Bush is a person that God loves. I think that it would hurt me to see my dad or brother or friend screenprinted on to mocking mugs... and it probably hurts God when He sees us doing this to another person that He loves and died for. Maybe I (part of the Church) should stop jumping on bandwagons and start making them. Maybe I need to repent for joining in with the jeering crowd and see Bush as my brother and someone that God loves... just like the terrorists. Maybe I should also make sure that I don't buy into all the "redemptive war" nonsense that the Bush administration may be giving. Maybe we need to read the words of Jesus and both believe them and try (with the help of the Holy Spirit) to live them. Jesus said "love you enemies". This could mean those overseas, or to some of us, even President Bush.

Personally, like how Samual served King David. He was David's personal prophetic advisor. He didn't mock him or criticize him infront of the nations, but he also didn't agree with him all the time or let him get away with sin. He heard the word of God and firmly corrected David. Maybe that is a better example of the role of the Church; stand for love and righteousness instead of for "conservatives" or "liberals". What if Jesus really meant that we were to love our neighbors and enemies? What if that means loving terrorists and President Bush as ourselves. What if there were three options: Conservatives, Leberals, and Christians?

Any thoughts back are welcome. These are just some thoughts and questions.
-Jeremy Sizemore

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's a no go

I'm holding out a bit longer. "I can't be bothered" as my friend Beccy always says. Facebook, Myspace, seriously - it's all a bit much. Facebook is good - but more people I know are on Myspace, and I just decided not to do it for a little while. I think finding a new background for my blog made me feel better and more creative so I didn't need to create something new.

Anyway, that's it for today. I need to order some pics of Eli from Costco so I can get working on his baby book - I'm so bad at that right now. And it's 10 already and I can't believe it! I feel really awake, but actually -now I feel really tired. Wow - that just hit pretty hard. Hopefully I'll get more pics of Eli to post tomorrow.

OH WAIT! I'm so excited I almost forgot! I got a new cell phone today! I had my new every 2 upgrade for Verizon and I ordered it online this weekend and it came today! I got a Motokrazor - it's super nice!!! And it's RED! I love it. I can take pictures, I can even take video! And I can play music and it's bluetooth so next year when it's illegal to talk on the phone in CA without hands free - I can use it!!! It's so nice, Will's envious. Finally I have something he can be jealous of! But I did say he could play with it....

My new Phone - only mine's RED!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tempted to cross over to the "OTHER SIDE"

So, I'm tempted to start a myspace page. I have held out so far, and I really don't think I'll keep up with it much, but it seems people like posting notes on pages instead of emailing, and it may help me stay in touch with my far away friends better. Anyone have reasons why I should or shouldn't???

Other news - Eli is super cute of course. He is seriously trying to walk! It's crazy - he thinks he can sometimes and lets go of the furniture! Thankfully, he has quick reflexes and usually catches himself. He is 8 months today - Can't believe it! Where does the time go - how do they grow so fast. I find myself getting the itch again to have another one - I know it's crazy. We aren't seriously going to try until after he turns one, but he is so fun, and he loves playing with other babies, I want to give him a little sister! :) We'll see...

I'm going to get a new cell phone today - I'm pretty excited. I get a free upgrade and if I order it online I can get a super cool one for free - but Will is making me go to the store to see if they have any good deals first. I'm also going short shopping. I have one pair I don't like that much, so I need more -it's hot here.

Anyway, that's it for now. I want to see if I can find a cooler background for my blog page. Here's some recent pics of Eli!

At the playground for the first time!

Getting the camera

Playing on I-5


With Great Grandpa Jack

I can stand by myself!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Where does time go?

My sister graduated high school last week. It was pretty wierd. I could remember my own graduation like it was last week, but my 10 year reunion will be next year! Crazy. I fee old. I also discovered that when my youngest sister graduates in a few years - I'll be 30! She won't even be 20 and I'll already by 30! Yikes. It's funny to think back to high school. I know some people hated it, but I had a pretty good high school experience. I had good friends, was involved in different ways and extra stuff, had a lot of fun, and 'gasp', enjoyed learning! In some ways I miss high school - in others I would never go back. I miss the friendships that have been lost, I miss the stimulation of learning, I miss the lack of serious responsibility, I miss football games and mascoting, and I miss singing in a choir. I don't miss the drama. Uggg. I hated that part. The stupid friend fights, boyfriend battles, breakups, consoling friends who broke up, getting prom dates (or not), and the endless wondering of what the future holds and what I should do, and if that guy really likes me or not.

I much prefer my life now despite the heavy responsibility, the stress that comes with paying bills, relying soley on God for provision, and trusting Him with everything. I love having a family- begin married and now having a son. I love our work. I love experiencing other cultures and traveling to other countries. I love not dealing with petty drama, and learning how to lead others through and out of it! And I love watching Eli grow up - though it makes me sad every day when he learns new things and is becoming a big boy. It makes me want another little baby - but NOT YET!

Eli is 7 months now. He has one tooth on the bottom - it's super cute! He is crawling all over the place - and he has learned to pull himself up to stand on pretty much everything! It's driving me crazy! Yesterday I went in to the room when he woke up from his nap and he was standing at the end of the crib throwing things off the dresser onto the ground! So funny and cute, but I can't let him know that! I keep saying - I don't think this is funny mister. Last night he woke up at midnight and I was trying to put him down, but everytime I layed him down he rolled over, crawled to the rails, and stood up smiling at me. I told him it wasn't funny and he started laughing! How can you not laugh? Uggg- Will was up with him for an hour after that trying to get him back to sleep.

He is still not sleeping through the night - driving us slightly crazy - but some nights are better than others. I'm not ready to let him cry it out yet - it just seems too harsh right now. Not to mention he sleeps in our room and less sleep for him is less sleep for us! Oh well, we'll work on it.

We're going back to Portland on Monday. I'm pretty excited about going up there. It's going to be fun. We're squishing in a car with Jer and Val - so that will be fun. Eli's first super long car ride - hopefully it goes well!

Anyway - gotta go for now. My men are sleeping and I have to make the most of my time!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Last night our DTS graduated! It's sad and happy at the same time. I will miss everyone SO much, but I'm exhausted and ready for it to be over. Most of our students are gone, there are a few left but they will all be gone by Monday. I don't like thinking about them being gone..

So on to other news. Based on my last blog - one of my friends ( I don't know if she wants to be named) read it and wanted me to be able to get the things God said I could.... so she gave me a super nice blender!!! I'm so excited - it even has a baby food setting, and I can't wait to start using it. I'm going to be researching baby food reciepes and start experiementing! She also gave me a gift card to VS so I was able to get some of the other nice things I wanted! I was so excited and that was such a BLESSING! Thank you Jesus (and my friend!)

For the next few days we are purely resting - I am so happy. I'm going to be talking Eli for a walk to the fabric store today to make a blanket for my friend's baby shower tomorrow... and my grandpa is coming in for my sister's graduation this week and so Eli will get to meet him! I'm so excited to see him -he is one of my favorite people!

Anyway, I'm going to go... I need to find some pics to blog next time -but I need to shower now!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Selfish Ambition

Thank God Will's back! I am thrilled. We drove up to San Jose on Wednesday to pick him up - it was a good drive, Eli was sleeping until about 3o min before we got there - then he was screaming! Oh well. We got there an hour early so I stopped at a McDonalds and fed him and changed him and that- then we waited for Will at the airport! I'm super excited he is home, but it's hard because he is so tired still, and I'm just excited - doesn't exactly make a good match! He'll be back to normal in a day or two - then we can catch up since he's half sleeping through everything we talk about now anyway! : )

Today we found out there is a really good deal on a super nice guitar that Will really wants. It's really hard for me to justify spending so much money on a guitar (even though someone just gave us almost the exact amount). I had a really hard time letting it go and realizing it was ok for Will to get it. Part of me just wants to be really wise with our money, the other part is just plain selfish. A guitar for Will is actually a ministry investment. He plays for worship at our base, for our DTS, and he's starting to play at church - for him it's a tool, not only a hobby and something he loves. So I understand that and I want him to have nice things.

Here's my selfishness. I feel guilty when I want to buy a blender or a food processor to make my own baby food or buy nice underwear (not from Walmart) because I haven't had any new ones since before I was pregnant. (Sorry for the info guys.) So for me to say - sure - spend all that money on a guitar, and then think bitterly about how I never spend anything on myself, is not only selfish - but really wrong. So I cried and I prayed and asked God to change my heart. I know that God provides for us - and he beyond blesses us. I mean - someone else just gave us another car! We have all we could ever need - it's my own wrong mentality to not buy things that I need, not even just want, because I don't think I deserve them.

God told me he wanted Will to have that guitar because he wants to bless him. He said it was ok for him to buy it. Then he told me to go buy a blender and some underwear. Thanks. It is kinda funny still - a guitar compared to underwear - but I couldn't think of anything bigger that I'd been wanting. And he also told me he will still provide for our necessities - for the money to register the new car and if Eli gets sick for the doctor. And I'm ok now. I know He will, because he's like that.

Will just got home with his new guitar - I have to go. At least he promised he'd write me a song.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

baby obsession

Eli and his new "pacifier"! He loves his duck!

I think that along with the inherent ability to know who their mom is, when they are hungry, how to suck, how to whine, and how to drive their parents to crazy, babies, well, especially boys, are born with the knowledge of the power of the remote control. Even now Eli longs to hold the "power stick" and be in control of the TV!

Friday, May 11, 2007

More Video

Here's one more!

He says I miss you dad!

For Daddy

Here's some videos for Will to see Eli from Africa

I have one more coming!

We love you Will

6 months

This morning I was watching our friends little girl. Eli and her have a lot of fun together. Here's some pictures!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I need a camera

Will took the memory card from our old digi cam to Africa with the new one, so I can't take pics of Eli! It's 2 whole weeks of undocumented cuteness! Seriously - he is so cute. He has this amazing grin he gives all the time now, it just gets me! And he is sitting so well, he rolls over both ways all the time, and he LOVES to eat! I'm going to try to borrow someone's camera so I can post some new pictures, and that way Will can see them from Africa.

Anyway- just a quick proud mama post.

OH - and if I do say myself, I am doing a swell job being a single parent. Not that it's easy - and I CAN'T WAIT for Will to get back, but I'm pretty proud of myself. I am tired, but I'll be tired no matter what. I also think Eli knows not to push me too far - he has pity on me and is treating me so kind! :)

I'll try to get pictures tomorrow!

Spiritual Backlash

So - it's been a whole week! I can't believe it's gone so fast - but let me tell you, it has been a CRAZY week.

Will left last Wednesday.

On Thursday our cars broke down - yup - that was plural - BOTH cars in one day! I couldn't believe it! I cried, then I laughed. I was on my way to Walmart and about to pull in the driveway (in the Honda) when something snapped and the car shut off. I was able to coast into the driveway -but it's a narrow one lane, curvy, up hill driveway. Fun. Some guy had the nerve to tell me that I didn't pick a good place to park as i was getting Eli and the Stroller out! Ya think! To top it off, I forgot my cell phone at home. So I ran into Walmart - called Val and she came to get me. She had borrowed our other car- the Pathfinder - so she came with that. On the way back to the YWAM office the Pathfinder was making some weird noises, but we just added it the list of things for my dad to look at later. I arranged with my dad to come over after we was off work to look at the Honda. In the meantime, I needed to take Val home (about 20 min) because I needed the Pathfinder later, and she needed to get home.

SO - we start driving back to San Luis, and the car is making really horrible noises! I couldn't go faster than 50 and it's grinding something awful. I decide to give it a little more gas and see if it will go. Nope - it shuts down! YOU ARE JOKING - I thought. Thankfully we coasted to a pull out. It wouldn't start. So, we call our friend Jeremy - and he came to get us. (Oh- Val's car had broken down that morning with her husband - something was definitely going on with our cars that day!)

My dad came down and looked at them, but he couldn't tell, so I had to get both of them towed on Friday (thankfully my insurance covered that) to a friendly mechanic. He told me the Honda's timing belt went out - suck. We just got a new one last June when we bought the car- so I called the people that did that- they paid for it to get towed to them, and I'm still waiting to hear if they will cover the cost or not - I have to call today.

The Pathfinder may be dead. I need to call him later too. There was no oil or water (oops!) so I think the engine is shot! So sad.

So I was car less and stranded. Thankfully, Jeremy let me borrow his car on Friday to take car of our cars, and then the weekend I was with my family... Now I'm borrowing Lauren's car - she is in africa with Will.

This weekend was crazy too! My mom came and picked us up on Saturday, I did some stuff around her house and that afternoon we got a call that my grandpa (dad's side) was in the hospital! He's doing better now, but we drove up there to see him because they didn't think he was going to make it. Sunday all the siblings were there (there is 6 in my dad's family) and it really perked my grandpa up. He was released that day from the hospital. So we didn't get back to my parents house until Sunday at 11pm and then I was stuck there all day Monday until they got off work around 5. (They both went in at 7)

SO - all that has definitely helped the time fly, but I haven't gotten as much done as I wanted to with Will gone! Oh well - maybe this weekend!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Single Mommy Status

Will left this morning - i cried. I actually cried in the middle of the night last night too when Eli woke up for the third time. Oh well - you do what you have to do right? I'm hoping tonight won't be too bad... I'm really trying to get him on a consistent sleeping and bedtime schedule and I'm praying that that helps him sleep through the night - since eating cereal so far hasn't.

I'm almost as sad about not going to Africa as I am about Will being away! I so wish I could have gone. I don't know how to explain it - but I guess it's like Africa is my soul's home - it just feels normal to be there and I love the people so much. American Idol is on in the background right now and they recapped their show last week of the fund raiser. There were all these people in Africa and all these kids and families - it breaks my heart to really think about not being able to go! At least it's a season - I know I will go again, and that makes it bearable. Not to mention that I am SO SO SO glad to have Eli - he makes everything worth it. (I just hate the 5:30 - 7 pm whining hours!)

I think I've done pretty good today though. I got out of the house and to my meeting on time, had a conference call (thankfully he slept through), got gas for the car, walked to the laundry mat to get quarters (to do laundry in the morning), straightened up the living room, did the dishes, gave Eli a bath, played with him, and put about 125 photos into an album. I'm pretty proud of myself! Hopefully all days are this productive as I have about a mile long list of things I'd like to do before Will gets back!

I better go - it's only 9:30 and I'm fading fast. I've decided that I don't care if I'm in bed early every day, I'm going to be a lot more tired in the next few weeks and I'll take all the sleep I can get!

Good night!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Home at last

While visiting family is wonderful and I LOVED seeing everyone - there really is no place like home. I am so glad to be back in my own house with my own things and our own bed... although right now I am smelling a very foul thing that I can not find, so that's yucky! : ( We got home late on Friday nite, and Saturday I took Eli up to Cayucos to spend time with all the females on my dad's side of the family.

Every year in the spring we have a girls weekend called Sisters at Heart. My aunts have a sisters trip every year they go on, but they also wanted to have a time where they could gather with sister in laws, cousins, nieces, and friends and spend the weekend - thus Sisters at Heart was created. It's always in Cayucos, there's lots of ladies, lots of food, lots of wine, and lots of crafts. It's perfect;)

This year we made sun catchers out of mirrors and beads, mosaic flower pots, etched our own wine glasses, and made slipper shoes (I didn't do this one.) I really enjoyed my day. By the end of the day Eli was so tired though that he started screaming at everyone who tried to talk to him, so I didn't get to enjoy dinner with the family and made a quick getaway. Poor little guy. Musta been overwhelming to have 40 ladies all in his face saying how cute he was - I think it's overwhelming to be around everyone at times too!!!

Today we started back with YWAM again. Will has two days to get everything together before he's off to Africa. Well, he has one day left now. We have all the finances to get ready, I want to make the team homemade cookies (nothing like cookies after a month away!), and we have loads of laundry to do! (get the play on words? ha ha ha) It's going to be a busy day.

I'm not really looking forward to single momness for 2 weeks though. I can't imagine what these women do when they have more than one kid, or even just one, and have no support around. I at least have all my co-workers, and if things get really tough, I can take off and go to grandmas! I have a feeling that these two weeks will go a bit quicker with Eli around than they did when Will went to Nicaragua, but it's still 2 weeks, and being at the start of it - 2 weeks seems like forever!

So - drop me a line - I'll have some time (maybe not, with Eli all to myself!) - but I'd love to at least hear from everyone!

Be praying for my sanity! Eli is quite a handful now and I get exhausted sometimes from just one busy hour!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Who knew I had inner hair?

This is from my friend Heather - I went exploring her blog and found this fun thing. i have to say I like the results!

Your Hair Should Be Pink

Hyper, insane, and a boatload of fun.
You're a traveling party that everyone loves to follow.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ear Infections

Eli has an ear infection - it's really sad. He is such a happy baby, even when he is hacking up a lung he tries to smile! It's sweet. Today he had two coughing spells that were really bad. Wheezing, coughing, crying, choking up stuff - it was really horrible. He couldn't breath through his nose, so he couldn't eat and that made him really frustrated! We finally took him to an after hours pediatrician tonight and he said he has an ear infection and that his cold has worked its way into his lungs... so now he's on antibiotics and two inhalers - well, one is for really bad times, so it's only when necessary.

I really liked the doctor though. He was from Ireland -or Scotland (I know they are very different) -but he was kind and I felt like he took me seriously unlike the other doctor we took him to. I really don't like having a sick kid though.

We also went and got our family pics done today at the superstore - it went pretty well considering Eli was sick. We didn't get the really big grins he is famous for, but there were some pretty cute shots. I'll post them when I can get them onto the computer....

I have to go to bed now though - I'm really tired.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Idyl Time

Recently I've finished a 40 day fast of TV, and I really can live without it. I think in a perfect world, I would just rent the shows I enjoy on DVD and watch them at my own leisure- but in a real world, that costs money and makes me even more of a slave to TV because now I have 20 episodes I have to watch in 5 days before they are due, and who really has time for that if they want to sleep at all?

I've also discovered how much I enjoy hearing about other mom's lives. So, while I am a very busy mom myself, and I complain to Will over and over how I never get to do anything I enjoy anymore or have me-time (essentially - I never scrapbook - which he jokes that I don't really scrapbook - I collect scrap booking materials), I will most likely now spend my "free" time reading other mom blogs that I randomly find on here - instead of making use of that time to do what I "want" to do. (don't tell Will) Except here in Canada, I don't feel bad because I don't have my scrapbook stuff with me, and thus the addiction to mommy blogs will begin here because I have nothing else to do, except watch TV.

Eli is so cute. Can I just say that I have the cutest 5 1/2 month old baby in the whole world? I really think he is the cutest in the whole world no matter how old, but as so many of my friends have babies, you learn to be specific so their kids can be the cutest babies too...
I've been going through all his pictures on our I-photo to get them printed, and here are a few of my favorites.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I finally did it

So, I'm finally entering this century and am getting with it to have my own blog. Today I asked Will to show me how to post a blog - and he said no! His blog was titled Words with Will and sometimes Lori - how is it sometimes Lori if I never post? So, I decided, I'm just going to get my own... then I can do whatever I want and design it however I want and not have to go through Will. (He barely lets me change the desktop on our laptop - like I'd get to change anything on the blog page. :) )

Now I have to actaully do it though - I have a problem following through with things and finding time to even check my email as a new mom - so this will be a challenge. But - since I can write all about Eli - it may work out - we'll see. I have to do it well though - just to spite Will! ;)

So, I'm going to go figure out how all this stuff works - I'll add pictures and do better next time.