Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Books are like Friends

It's sad when their over - it's like saying good bye.

I finished the last Harry Potter book tonight - for those of you who haven't read it (and are planning to) I will not reveal a thing. But when a series finishes that has been a long standing thing in your life, it leaves kindof an emptiness when it's over. I feel very content with the way things wrapped up, but I do have a sense of loss (don't laugh) that there is no more looking in on Harry's life and interactions with all the other characters that have become like friends in my imaginary book life. It's sad to think it's over - no more looking forward to more books coming out and more adventures of Harry Potter.

Silly, you may think, but so true to my heart. I'm tempted to read it again, not only to catch the things I missed as I sped read through the exciting parts to find out what happens, but to enjoy these last moments of Harry Potter (the book - not neccessarily the character) one more time.

So, farewell Harry, Ron, and Hermonie - until we meet again next year when I start to read the series over from the start.