Saturday, October 27, 2007

Much needed Time away

This week Will and I took off and went to San Fransisco with Eli. It was great. We only went for 2 nights - and we stayed at the YWAM base. Some of you know what the YWAM base is like and wouldn't neccessarily call it a place for vacation - but it was great. Interesting in that the only room they had had bunkbeds - so Will and I slept on two bottom bunks! But it was fun. We went to our favorite Indian resturaunt - Nann-N-Curry - YUM! And then on Wednesday we went to Alcatraz. We've never been there and it was really interesting with beautiful views and interesting history. There was a special tour we took about the myths of Alcatraz and we were able to go into some restricted places. Pretty cool - there are tunnels if you were wondering, but the ones in the movie The Rock are hollywood! We spent the afternoon out there and then made our way back to the base for some rest before dinner. My feet were killing! San Fran means LOTS of walking - but it made up for not going to the gym all week.

We went to the Cheescake Factory for dinner - it was really nice. We were way too full for cheesecake though so that was disappointing! We ended up at Cold Stone later after walking around, but I do love ice cream! We also walked around a lot of the big stores, it was fun looking around and seeing what the city has to offer.

Thursday we went to China town - I've never been before and so it was fun to see. All the stores have the same chinese stuff though - so it gets old kinda fast. We went to get a silk little boy outfit for a family on staff, so we were looking for something in particular and all the sales ladies are very persisent!!! We only spent about an hour there - but it was nice. Eli slept the whole time so it made it easier.

On our way home we went to my Favorite store - IKEA!!! I was super excited. We were able to find some great deals and get some more lighting for our dark little house. I can't wait to set everything up - I think it will make the house more homey!

Anyway - it was a great time way. Thanks to everyone who gave to us to make that time possible!

Then - yesterday was our staff fun day. Every October we go to a pumpkin farm - Avila Valley Barn- and enjoy the fall colors and activities. They have a hay maze (large and small for kids and adults), lots of farm animals - Eli LOVES chickens!, and a hay ride which we skipped this year. They also have a market with baked goods and fresh fruits and veggies - and a gift shop - oh! And Sweet Shoppe which is so yummy - they have locally made ice cream in all the best flavors. We took Eli in his cow costume and got some great shots. Then we switched clothes just to have some family pictures - it was a great day. I love this time of year.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Side Spliting Laughter

This weekend was our church's ladies reatreat. We went up into the hills above Santa Cruz to this camp for the weekend. Seriously - I haven't laughed so much or so hard in a long time! It was such a blast! We had 8 girls in our cabin - we were prety much the young loud cabin! I missed Eli and Will, but it was so fun not to have responsiblity and be able to do whatever I wanted! We got there Friday and enjoyed our evening with all the ladies - worshiping and getting some great
teaching. After that we played Dutch Blitz with 8 of us! (Two decks!) It was super funl They were smart and had loud room (late night talkers) and quiet rooms, but unfortunately, the walls were thin so no matter how they situated it, we were loud above the quiet ones. The ladies below us were wondering what in the world we were doing with all the loud stamping on the floors, the laughter, and name calling! :) My friend Liz had some creative names she came up with when we were faster than her! Oh man - it was so funny.

Saturday we had the afternoon free and they had a ropes course that ended in a 265 Ft. zip line! We went and had a challenging good time! I've done that a couple times before, but I still freaked out on one part of the course - starting tearing and almost bawling my eyes out! (Will has made fun of me several times over now!) But I think it was a spiritual thing. It was about trust and letting go and God was really working in paralells for me! As soon as I took that first step out onto the log away from the tree I was fine the rest of the time, but man it took about 5 minuates to take that step! The zip line was great! I screamed so loud, but it was so fun! I think I have a bruise from the attracktive harness you wear while up there! I also learned to clog dance! Our theme was celtic christianity and one of the ladies at my church clogs and taught us a brief dance - it was my cardio for the day - let me tell you! I learned that clog is a irish word for time, so clogging is just keeping time with the music - some very fast music! But I'm glad I learned - it was super fun and another time of good laughter!

The camp also had this huge slide - it was a water slide without water that you go down on burlap sacks! I keep saying fun - but I can't think of another word - it was SUPER Fun!!! We broke the rules (opps!), and went down in a train, it was crazy - and fun!

Anyway - we also made up this game called bockey. It's hockey with balloons. I seriously think I bruised my ribs laughing so hard. The video below is of me and Bethany playing against each other. At one point she is trying to hit the ballon from between my legs and keeps hitting my butt - this is when I collapse on the floor laughing and Bethany wins! Oh well, it was seriously the funnest game ever - too bad our balloon stick popped before we could get the most enjoyment from it! :)

Anyway - a good weekend overall - with fun and girlfriends and God speaking so much and doing so much in us all. I'm very thankful that I was able to go - and VERY thankful for my wonderful man to stay home with Eli for 2 nights and let me get away!