Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pregnant in Patong

So I've had my first real taste of mommy-hood in overseas missions. It's hard work man! The flight wasn't too horrible, Eli did sleep a lot, but it could have gone better. There were moments when Will and I just looked at each other and said - we're those parents right now with the annoying crying kid. Thankfully there were few of those moments. We eventually made it to Thailand - praise the Lord! This is our 4th day here - Eli is finally adjusting to the time - one major nice difference is that he naps for 3 hours plus making up for lost sleep!!! That's nice. Down side - wakes up every night at 2:30 in the morning for about 45 minutes before going back to sleep. He needs a snack then! Kinda funny wierd.

Other than that - things are going well. It's nice having the team with us - Eli loves them and has warmed up to them a lot so there are more hands to watch and hold him. I'm at the point of not being able to hold him for more that 5 minutes without being exhausted, so extra help helps a lot! He is a little trooper though! He is getting friendlier with the locals. Will wants to make a shirt for him that says "I'm a big deal in Thailand." EVERYONE loves him here. They are always waving, touching, kissing (ones we know), and trying to hold him here. They just have this thing for white kids I think. He is pretty darn cute I must say :)

Being pregnant is having it's advantages too. Well, first, you have to throw out any idea of personal space and privacy. Anyone and almost everyone will come up to you and touch your belly. They all want to know how far along I am - if it's boy or girl, etc. When they find out it's another boy - they tell Will he is a strong man for having 2 boys! Funny. Once you get past all that - I have lots of perks. I get the front seat - free chairs at the beach - and best of all, the lady next door where we eat our meals made me a pineapple smoothly tonight! She brought it over for me and Eli - but since Eli is sleeping - she said it was for me and the baby. Delicious!

Anyway - Thailand has been an adventure so far. I would love to come back to this country and visit some other areas. Where we are is very touristy and sad - lost of bars and prostitution - sex tours etc. It's hard to see it up front and in your face at every hour of the day. But it's reality here and they all definitely need Jesus.

Anyway -just a keep post - I should get to bed soon and I need to return the smoothly cup to the neighbor!