Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Is beautiful. It's one of the most fulfilling things in life. It's a joy to watch Eli grow everyday, to learn new things and explore his growing world. It's super fun. It's also the most trying and exhausting things to live. Today I feel worn out. I think the pregnancy is hitting me - I'm tired and I don't have super lots of energy, but my son does! :) He goes and goes and goes. Today he learned how to listen to ear phones with the Ipod. It was super cute. He would hold one up to his ear and then start bopping to the music - He loves music. He loves to dance, he loves to play the drums and strum the guitar. I think music is in his veins. So that was fun. Then we had to walk home - 1 block - to our house for his nap. He is a great walker. He loves to walk home and to the DTS house and he runs and it's fun, but now he's starting to notice dirt. And rocks. So every time we pass rocks (which is a lot because every house on the street has a rock lawn) he wants to pick them up and thrown them and sit down and play in them.
When I can finally get him past the rocks, there is a dirt road we walk on. He likes to play in the dirt too. So every 2 feet he sits down, runs his hands though the dirt, and then takes handfuls and throws it getting half of it in his hair... this is frustrating for a mom trying to walk her child home for a much needed nap with her hands full of bags and journals. He also learned today that if he just starts to sit while we are walking and holding hands - I can't drag him - this happened every 2 feet. Finally I had to wrestle him into my arms - a very heavy guy, and wiggly- to carry him home for his nap. The joys of motherhood! :) I'm kinda dreading the end of this pregnancy when I'm not allowed to pick him up anymore - I have no idea what I will do then! Just remind me to take it one day at a time! It is the best thing in the world to have children, and the fun and joys far outway the small daily trials and tiredness, but it's healthy to vent, so here's me venting a little.