Friday, November 27, 2009


So I thought I would try to write a quick up date about our time here so far! We are having a great time here with our friends. It is day 3 - we are slowly adjusting to the time change - the boys slept until 5 this morning so that was great!!!! We are pretty tired but hoping to soon be over this transition so we can have late night talks with Morgan and Lori!

Our Thanksgiving here was nice... didn't feel like thanksgiving really, but we were half zombie! We had thanksgiving dinner at this nice restaurant called Beijing Duck - where we ate - beijing duck! My first experience with duck - the soup they make with the leftovers tasted turkey though. It was really fun, our first chinese restaurant here - we met some others that are friends with Morgan and Lori and it was a nice time.

Other than that - we have spent our days with the jones and are resting and adjusting to the time. The weather is freezing - we are waiting for snow - and we are getting good exercise walking up the 6 flights of stairs to their apartment!

Eli and Liam are great. They are eating well and having a blast with their friends. Eli says it is really really really cold here and shivers. He is also a trooper climbing all the stairs - with Liam and our stuff, we can't carry him. He slows way down about the forth floor - and says whew all the time... it's cute! Liam loves spending time with the 2 cats here - Figaro and Norah - he chases them and laughs at them a lot. When we first arrived on the way home from the airport there was a traditional chinese building with christmas lights on it. I said to Eli - look at the lights! He said - Hey - it's like Kung Fu Panda! He also loves the noodles like panda, but he wouldn't try the dumplings (like the ones panda and shifu fight over in the movie) -which were delicious!!!

Tonight we are going to another chinese restaurant with Chinese Dishes - sweet and sour pork, garlic broccoli, eggplant, - the real good stuff! We are definitely loving the food!

I think that is all for now. We don't have much hope of learning much language while we are here - it is really difficult and we have no context for the sounds. I have learned hello, and two other phrases that aren't much good for conversation (not that they are bad - just not that useful!)

We are doing great and loving being here! Thanks for all your thoughts - keep em coming!

Keep looking to Will's facebook for pictures - we can't really post them from a computer!!!!