Friday, April 29, 2011

Mamma's Rock Giveaway

SO I haven't posted anything in FOREVER - it really is my goal to do it more often. Well, more of a purpose, since a goal has a time line and specific steps to accomplish and I haven't made any of those to be a better blogger.

BUT - right now I've entered in this super fabulous giveaway on one of the crafty sites that I love - and if I blog about it - I get an entry. So I'm blogging :)

Really though, I know the chances of winning this contest are pretty small as there is almost 1800 entries already - but it's been so fun to even look through all the venders that have donated their goods towards the giveaway. It's 138 prizes worth about $6500!!! That's a lot of webpages to look though. I don't think I'll get through them all, but it's been a nice distraction while on my mandatory "Veg" rest. (Not quite bed-rest, but strict don't do anything).

All you moms or ladies who love crafty things should check this out - even just for kicks!

And seriously, I'll get back to blogging soon. Especially with pics of Eisley and the boys!