Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Life of Faith

We are going to India next week.  It has been a crazy adventure lately!  Last week we were in Colorado for a YWAM conference for North American leaders.  It was a great conference.  It didn't start out so great.  We left on Friday night to drive (yes I said drive) to CO.  On a good day it should take 18 hours.  It wasn't a good day.  We hit a lot of obstacles which just made me more determined to get there.  I figured that if the devil was trying to block our way so hard, there must be some amazing stuff going on!  Anyway - after long stops with the kids - trying to eat breakfast at the slowest Burger King EVER - a whole in a heating hose in the car - a snowstorm in the mountains - a HUGE car pileup 12 miles from Denver - a detour through the mountains (that actually saved us probably 2 hours!) and a crying baby the last hour - we arrived in Fort Collins 22 hours later!  Praise the Lord it was over!

Anyway - long and short of it - it was an amazing week.  God has spoken to us a lot and we are excited to be  home and to start putting some of these words into reality.

So - next week we are off to India.  We have yet to buy our tickets!!!! CRAZY.  Anyway - we have been trying to buy them for about 4 weeks now.  We haven't had the money - we haven't been able to find good ones, we find good tickets but don't have money....etc.  So this past week we were really praying about this.  This trip has been the most difficult to get the finances for and so we wanted to seek God and see what was going on.  We also asked our staff and some friends to pray for us as well.

During one of the sessions our speaker was talking about as leaders we need to lead lives of faith as an example to the other staff in our mission.  I really felt that that was a word of God to me.  That this trip is definitely pushing us further in our faith.  We are trusting God in the last minute - holding onto the promises and His Word.  Another friend at the conference shared how she had recently heard from a YWAM leader that "The Word of God is our provision."  So His Word is what we go on.  Will and I prayed again and we felt that our whole family WAS to go to India, and so we were to pursue this with our whole hearts, no reservations.

So we are walking this faith out now.  Since then, we have seen over $1000 come in and we have found some great tickets we are buying tomorrow.  The really cool thing is that for this trip we will be flying around the world - going East all way!  It's kind of exciting as we have never done that before.

So I am super excited about this upcoming trip.  We will be visiting two of our teams in India - first in Calcutta, and then on the coast in Visak.  It is going to be an amazing time!

Please be praying for us!  We would love prayer for safety traveling and health!  From traveling, from food, from sickness - especially Liam crawling, it makes me a little nervous and I will definitely be a little OCD about keeping him clean!

Yay God!  He is ever faithful.