Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Love of My Life

My husband is amazing.  I am so lucky to live my life with him, to share this journey of parenthood and spend all my time with him.  I love you babe.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Having 2 boys in the same room is hard.  We are trying to get Liam to sleep through the night - but with Eli in there too, it's hard.  Liam has a habit of waking up every 3 - 4 hours to eat.  This is really annoying to me.  (Sounds bad as a mom- but physically, he doesn't need to eat that much - I'm not really being mean.)  I know that he can sleep through the night (2 times in Columbia - and 2 other times) and he is fine.  SO- I want to be able to go in his room when he wakes up, check his diaper, hug and sooth him for a minute or so and then lay him back down and let him go back to sleep.  Rarely does this work smoothly.  Most of the time he screams bloody murder for 10 minutes or more until I go back in and pick him up because then Eli is crying to, or worse, he thinks it's time to get up and play.  
The worst time is the early morning 
hours because if it's 6 or a little after - Eli is up for the day.  Nobody should have to get up before 7 (spoiled a little!).  Anyway - this whole process would be a lot easier with more space.  We are wanting more rooms when we move in August - but if we get 3, we'll probably still have the boys share so we can have an office/play room...

So that's my rant for tonight.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Christmas in Canada

Right after our time in Columbia - we spent one day in California and then went up to Canada for the holidays.  Talk about weather extremes!  Needless to say - our bodies did experience some shock.  We had such a good time with the family - it was the first time all 5 cousins have been together and it was a lot of fun.  I'm really looking forward to watching them grow up together!

Christmas in Cartagena

We spent the first two weeks in December in Cartagena Columbia - that is South America....

It was weird to be in such a HOT climate in December - and to see Christmas decorations everywhere. I loved seeing Santa's climbing over balconies - instead of sticking out of chimneys.

They don't have large Christmas trees in Columbia - so they make big trees out of lights!

Fireworks are all part of the Christmas celebration - these went off right over our head!

All around the old town of Cartagena - they put up these huge blow up figures of historic people and events. The pirate ship is symbolic of the attacks that used to come around the walled city. It was Eli's favorite.

One of our favorite Columbian Christmas sites. We were there for the first lighting of this plaza - it was really beautiful.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Little Liam

August 19. 2008. My second son was born. It was quite a different experience than my first. Eli was a long labor - but I had an epi so it was mostly pain free until the 2 hours of pushing - that was excruciating. Fun - but so worth it! Liam was different. I prepped myself more for this time around. I felt that with Eli I was not mentally prepared for what birthing a child would truly be like. So this time - I read a lot. I asked my doula friends for advice - for pain management - I read a labor and delivery book to refresh all my classes from Eli. I felt prepared for the long haul. I knew I would prefer to have pain medicine - but I knew that I had some tools to help me until I could get it.

August 11 was the due date. It came and went. I was ready for him to come. The waiting is the worst part. It's the anticipation of the most exciting and potentially scary thing that will happen to you - and not knowing when it will happen. August 18 - one week late and my next doctors appointment. I figured we would discuss inducing (I did not want pitocen) but that she would probably wait a few more days to see if he came and schedule me for later in the week.

Not what happened. I went in that night!!!! Talk about shocker and weird feelings. It's weird to know you are going to have a baby in the next day or so. It's weird when the anticipation turns into a little trepidation and fear of the next 24 hours. We had a few hours until we were to go to the hospital. Went home, finished packing, dropped Eli of at the Jones house, and went to get a quick dinner. Got to the hospital at 7 - checked in and got settled, at our dinner we took to go.

At 9 they gave me this medicine that softens my cervix so that I can get pitocin to start my labor. The first medicine can stay in for 12 hours. I figured I would have a good night's rest before the fun began. 11 - went to sleep. 1 AM - woke up with strong contractions every 5 min that I couldn't sleep through. 2:50 AM - Have to pee - really really bad. Will was sleeping with ear plugs in - I manage to sit up and throw a pillow at him. He helps me stand up.

HOLY COW!!!! The contractions don't let up or stop - I make it to the bathroom after a 5 min walk 10 feet. Probably takes 10 minutes to pee because I can't relax through the constant contractions. I finally make it back to the bed. Nurse comes in - manages to take out the medicine and checks me - I'm 6 cm. 3:20 AM.

I freak out. Ask for an epidural - haven't even had a full bag of saline through the IV - can't get an epi until that goes in. Yeah right am I going to get that epi. 2 minutes later - I really want to push. They get me a little stadol (I'm among the few who LOVE it). I'm 10 cm. I'm really freaking out. There is no way I can do this without an epidural - somebody give me one NOW! I can't do this, seriously - I can't do this. Once I said I can do this - they wouldn't let me forget I said that.

I started pushing. I don't know how to explain it. I'm fully aware of what is going on - I can feel all the things happening in my body - the need to help the baby down the birth canal - the need to push him further and further so he can come out - the extreme pain, but at the same time - mentally - I feel separated. I wonder if it's our coping mechanism for going through something so intense. I was there - and above it the whole time. And I made it over.

3:45AM - Liam is here! Thank the Lord it's over! And he is so beautiful - and small! Thank the Lord for his small head! And he was posterior. Crazy. He had a knot in his umbilical cord! OMG _ thank God. It could have been so bad and he is healthy and safe. No wonder he was smaller than Eli - and thank God for that too!!! :)

7 lbs 13 oz. 20 inches long. Small head - that's the most important. And so beautiful. I'm a mom - again. It's amazing.

20 minutes later my mom, dad, and best friend arrived. Sorry you missed it!!! But I'm glad it was that fast! I love being a mom - I love being a woman and being blessed to go through this amazing journey. I can't wait to do it again ( but in about 2 years)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Return to the blog

So I haven't blogged in FOREVER. A lot has changed. I will try to post some blogs that I have rolling around in my head from the last 8 months....